Bag: Hand bag quilted and embroidered


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One of a kind handmade bag, fully lined with free motion embroidery. Flat bag.

Handmade Bag created from upcycled repurposed reclaimed new fabric to reduce textile off cut waste which is eco-friendly. The small pieces of fabric were sewn together in the stitch and flip style sewing and then free motion embordered down on to 100% cotton batting.

B-012_01- gold and brown bag. 8.5 X 7.5

B-012_02- gold and brown bag with fuzzy flower 9 x 7.25

B-012_03- gold and black bag10.5×7.25 with D ring

B-012_04- gold and brown with red stitching bag 11×7.5 with D ring

B-012_05- gold beige navy blue red flower bag 10.5×7.25 with D ring

B-012_06- gold baby blue navy blue stitching bag 10.5×6 with D ring

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