Placemats: Leaf shape Set Of 4


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Like a cup of hot cocoa (with whip cream!), the comfort and charm derived from timeless textiles carry an undeniable beauty that warms both the home and the heart.

These placemats are a leaf shape. This shape looks great on all styles of table but makes a perfect fit for round tables. (unlike square placemats that never fit right on a round table)

Free Motion quilted.

Set of 4 14" x 19"

Made in the Canada with 100% comfortable, novelty quilt weight cotton fabric. Expertly sewn. Machine washable, tumble dry on low for ten minutes. Finish drying by laying it out flat to dry.

T-0003-001- grey stripe and dots

T-0003-002- Floral

These are presently located at ELM store. Please inquire about them before ordering them.