Chakra diffuser bracelet


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Chakra diffuser bracelet.

This bracelet is made using porous lava beads and smooth crystal beads . To use it as a diffuser , simply place a few drops of essential oil on a cotton ball and dab onto the lava beads.

This bracelet is handmade with love, natural crystal beads with powerful healing properties. Once a week simply rinse your jewelry under running water and place it in a sunny spot to charge the beads. Enjoy. 

Essential oil included is Peppermint and Lemon.

Crown: Amethyst

Third Eye: Lapis

Throat: Apatite

Heart: Green Aventurine

Solar Plexus: Citrine

Sacral: Orange Aventurine

Root: Red Jasper

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Regular, Chakra Defuser Bracelet with Charm, Companion Earrings and necklace, Necklace